Denman Island


It is always a treat when our dear friend Brian invites us to his family cabin on Denman Island off Vancouver Island. It’s a two ferry ride trip but it is worth the time when we see the gorgeous view emerge as we get closer to shore, and feel the sense of tranquility surrounding the island.

tapas and the view from the cabin

Today, I’d like to jot down some food ideas for lazy summer days in a cabin or such. Preparing the right food to pack can make a trip much more enjoyable, especially when you go into a remote place. Little things like tucking away a jar of cane sugar, homemade sauce and pre-cut fresh vegetables in a cooler will help a great deal.

turnips and snap peas served with goma ae vinegar sauce

I have found that living with foodie friends for a few days is always an eye opening experience, and always helps me better develop my palate. Last week when we were there, we ate great food, chugged a lot of gin and tonics with a refreshing twist of limoncello, walked, photographed, ate some more, visited a farm, breathed the freshest possible air, and ate again till late.

The view at the cabin

Here are some of the delicious food we devoured:

Freshly picked snap peas and turnips served with goma ae vinegar sauce.

Tapas platter of organic turkey salami, prosciutto, pickled tomato and mixed olives from Whole Foods.

Raincoast crisps and St. Benoit Ermite blue cheese.

Crab cakes served with pepper jelly, and fresh shrimp from a local fishmonger in Buckley Bay.

Homemade pizza Margherita and a big bowl of green salad from my garden.

A slice of buttermilk pound cake served with freshly picked local strawberries, vanilla ice cream and a glass of Grand Marnier.

Cheese & dill scones, soda bread and Italian bread from Savary Island Pie Company.

French toast made with Italian bread served with make-do Grand Marnier orange syrup (with this, one can almost do without maple syrup!) and organic pork sausage on the side.

Grilled asparagus.

Slightly overcooked roasted sirloin tips and roasted vegetables in tomato sauce served with a loaf of the soda bread.

Homemade rhubarb bars and a bowl of fresh fruit with a big dab of mocha yogurt.

All of the above food we managed to eat in only three days!

Grand Marnier

If you are still reading this, you may be wondering what else happened. I don’t have a satisfactory answer, since everything else seems to have  faded into fuzzy memories thanks to my indulgence in more than one warm glass of Grand Marnier.

Wool products from Sandstone Farm at a farmer's marketMs. PFrench toast breakfastFrench toast with nectarinefarmhay in a barnbridge to the beachcrab and a dogplaying in the waterbuildingbeach in the morningrhubarb bars and cherriesMr. Mtable tennis racketscabinferrylifesaverferry in the sun


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29. June 2012 by Emi Uchida
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Comments (10)

  1. Beautiful! Very nice pictures, I love it Emi. Wish to be there to share the tapas with you! I saw that you had competition! Ah! AH!

  2. WOW! Thank you for taking me away for a moment!

  3. Great photos as usual

  4. Wow!!! love the photo’s! The food looks amazing.. and how lucky are you? i’m thinking I too need to find myself a good friend on Denman Island:) What a beautiful place they have. Thanks for sharing!

  5. wow, it is live: take our steps slower, pay attention to the smallest things around us, take a deeper breath, take a longer nap, chew the food longer in our mouth before swallowing, enjoy friendship….

    I don’t why I am thinking of this when I am reading your blog…

    • Hi YuetKing. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you felt that way by reading my blog. It is so easy to miss so many amazing things around us if we don’t pay attention. However, I must say it was certainly easier to do so on such a beautiful place like Denman island!

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