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Although I come from a country of rice aficionados, I have always been a big bread eater, as has the rest of my family. I grew up eating Japanese silky textured white bread smeared with margarine and red bean paste until, as an adolescent, I started to have a burning desire to be like French models who eat a long piece of baguette every morning with a block of butter all washed down with an espresso, a glass of orange juice and a bottle of Evian water. Little did I know that they had to work out many hours and eat vegetables for the rest of the day to support this habit! Later, when I became an adult, I fell in love with heavy rustic bread for its dense texture and profound flavour. I loved to serve it with a big pot of soup and a matured cheese wheel (not quite as big), just like the ones you may have seen as a child in “Heidi, Girl of the Alps,” the Japanese anime series based on the Swiss novel.

Beyond Bread Artisan Bakery & Cafelatte

So I greatly miss the time when I lived in Kitsilano, Vancouver where I used to take short walks with a charming view of the nearby bakeries. There it was so easy to find an amazing variety of rustic breads… since then, I have been baking at home, as  we live far away from that neighbourhood, but despite my best efforts, I have never achieved that complex flavour and texture that I crave. As a result, I have an enormous appreciation for artisan bakers. Today, I’d like to introduce you to an artisan bakery that I love in the heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver, just a few blocks from the beach! Your next visit to Kitsilano will be a more exciting experience with a stop at this delectable bakery, where you can enjoy a tasty baguette sandwich and a rich cup of coffee, plus purchase a loaf of whole wheat peasant to enjoy back at home! A big thank you to Jim at BEYOND BREAD for the opportunity to capture his artistry.

sandwich, croissant and coffeewhole wheat peasantsandwich with garlic potato loaf garlic potato loaf, baguette, a variety of loaves and whole wheat peasantlattebiscotti and espresso machine at Beyond Bread


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11. May 2012 by Emi Uchida
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